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About Brian Wittman

So I got into real estate while working as a firefighter/paramedic. Before I was a firefighter/paramedic, I worked in banking. I did business sales, equity loans, mortgage referrals, bank investing (like CDs and money markets), as well as investment referrals. I was really good at helping people find the equity in their home. I learned entry-level real estate info then.

A good friend of mine saw that I was dedicated to perfecting my craft and found out my history and saw how well I connected with people. It took little convincing to get me into real estate.

I became an independently contracted Realtor® working for Worth Clark Realty. Keep in mind, I’m still a firefighter/paramedic! I enjoy both very much!

Now, why choose me to help you with either? Well, if you call 9-1-1 in the town I work, you don’t have a choice! ;) But the things that have helped me progress as a firefighter/paramedic, have helped me become the Realtor® I am. I work to provide the best customer service to both clients and customers by being friendly, aggressive and proactive, observant, flexible, and convenient. That’s why I call myself the blue jean Realtor®. I work hard every day to maintain those attributes! I’m also very tech-savvy and love the fact I can get out and work where you need me!

You can contact me at any time for any real estate questions you have. And feel free to check out my website for any other searches or other needs you may have. It will give you some insight into what you can do with your house, where you can buy your next home, about what your home is worth and what you can do to prep your house to sell, and maybe even some investment ideas!

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